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What is RAM?

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RAM makes your computer run faster right? Well, in this episode, we discuss how it works and how you upgrade it in a computer. RAM: Random Access Memory Your computer’s memory helps it load and run applications. There’s another type…
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There is a lot about Lancaster, PA we love. We have safe and welcoming neighborhoods. We are a city that encourages entrepreneurship and values the diversity of our residents. And we also have businesses who get involved and unite around…
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Ping Tests

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Have you ever wondered if you were really connected to the internet? Or if the server you’re trying to reach is having a problem? Ping tests are an easy way to help troubleshoot basic networking issues. Today we discuss how…
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Web Addresses

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Web Addresses or URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are ways to easily access different web sites and services the internet. Today we discuss what makes up web addresses and why we use them. Watch for more info: 3 Components of Web…
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Comments in Excel

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There are a lot of really cool time-saving features in programs like Microsoft Office. Today, Rachel teaches us about Comments in Excel – a great way to add notes to a spreadsheet without having to create a whole new field…
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