Advanced Firewall Protection + Threat Hunting

A comprehensive foundation for web application security, data leak prevention and performance


  • Web application threat management
  • Web application protection
  • Data leak prevention (DLP)
  • Accelerate application delivery

The Firewall Grows Up

Traditional stateful packet inspection firewalls focus on blocking network layer threats by evaluating the ports and protocols used by network layer traffic. The latest next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) utilize deep packet inspection to scan the entire packet payload to provide advanced intrusion prevention, antimalware, content filtering and anti-spam.

Many applications are delivered over the web sharing common ports and HTTP or HTTPS protocols. This effectively leaves traditional firewalls blind to these applications and unable to prioritize productive and secure versus unproductive and potentially insecure traffic. Next-generation firewalls provide insight into the applications themselves, providing a critical capability for networking professionals.

Advanced Firewall Protection allows you to identify and control all of the applications in use on your network. This additional control enhances compliance and data leakage prevention by identifying applications based on their unique signatures rather than ports or protocols. This is accomplished by visualizing application traffic to determine usage patterns and then creating granular policies for applications, users or even groups of users, as well as time of day and other variables, for flexible control that can fit any network requirement.

How Does Advanced Firewall Protection Intelligence and Control work?

By utilizing an extensive, constantly growing and automatically updated database of application signatures, SonicWall identifies applications based on their “DNA”, rather than less unique attributes, such as source port, destination port or protocol type.

For example, you can allow instant messaging, but block file transfer or allow Facebook access, but block access to Facebook-based games.

These controls are available for all TLS/SSL-encrypted traffic as well, which must be inspected just like unencrypted connections. And you can visualize the results of your controls easily, allowing you to fine tune application usage and optimize network bandwidth.

Key Differentiators

  1. Cloud-nativeDeploys in minutes
  2. Multi-Tenant/Device Group Management
  3. Template Management, Commit and Deploy policy controls
  4. Effortless Zero-Touch Deployment
  5. Error-free Change Management
  6. Management Automation with RESTful API
  7. Built-in analytics
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When You Add It All Up

Advanced Firewall Protection gives you global visibility and control of your entire firewall ecosystem. It can significantly reduce overhead costs, remove management silos, and enforce consistent security policies across tenants, monitor everything, and take quick and accurate policy actions for greater security. With one tool, you get everything you need to run your firewall operations and turn your teams into better problem solvers and responders.

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