Is your password account information for sale online? How about your employee’s information?


This report will show you precisely what employee credentials are compromised and available for sale on the Dark Web!

The Need for Dark Web Scanning

Dark web monitoring is emerging as a crucial element of a solid, advanced cybersecurity strategy. Unfortunately, many organizations are unaware of the dark web and its dangers. Others don’t take it seriously, thinking it can’t possibly threaten their organization. Don’t let your business fall victim!

Employee Credentials on the Dark Web?

A dark web scan can protect employee credentials. The scan can uncover any exposed employee credentials and allows you to set up ongoing monitoring so you will be notified of any future credential leaks.

What to Do When Credentials are Exposed

Running a dark web scan against an email domain can provide illuminating results. For example, one organization’s email domain scan uncovered 30 compromised emails, including the business owner’s bank account login credentials.

Dark Web Scan as an Early Warning Tool

Think of a dark web scan as a regular checkup with your doctor. You may feel fine, but medical tests could uncover underlying problems. A dark web scan is just like the routine tests your doctor orders. Get your scan today!

“Nicholas Paulukow, the CEO of ONE 2 ONE Inc., educated our Vistage CEO group on a Cybersecurity framework and provided each member with detailed next steps on how to better secure their business. Each member left empowered with personalized next steps.”
Shaun Balani, Chair, Vistage

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