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Slow PC?

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What do you do if you have a slow PC? Can you fix it or is it time for a new one? R&R discuss things to check for and a good order to try them in. The first thing you…
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How many passwords do you have? How often do you change them? R&R discuss easier ways to create more memorable and secure passwords and best practices to keep you safe. Passwords are like underwear. Change them regularly, don’t leave them…
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Integrity Pools and Spas

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Who doesn’t love the pool in the summer? But did you know that installing a pool is a process filled with technology? From the planning, to the construction, our friend Craig Horning from Integrity Pools and Spas tells R&R all…
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What is DNS?

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Domain Name Servers help make the internet easy to use. Find out how DNS are used by everyone, everyday when they connect to the internet in today’s episode of R&R: Domain Name Servers (DNS) DNS stands for “Domain Name System”…
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Ransomware and WannaCry

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You may hear about them in the media. Terms like “Ransomware” and crypto attacks like “WannaCry” and “Petya.” So, what is ransomware and why is it different than other forms of malware? Let’s talk a little bit about how it…
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Barnstormers Partnership

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R&R recently stopped in at Clipper Magazine Stadium to talk about our Barnstormers partnership. Watch Rachel and Robert speak with our friend John Erisman to discuss how the Barnstormers use technology and strive to be on the cutting edge every…
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