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Lancaster Rec

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Lancaster Rec (The Lancaster Recreation Commission) is a non-profit partnership between the City of Lancaster, School District of Lancaster and Lancaster Township. They provide programs for kids in the form of sports teams, playgrounds, camps, child care, before and after…
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Extraordinary Give

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While technology may be our expertise, community is our passion. We operate under the belief that success can be best celebrated by giving back. That when people come together to improve the lives of others and solve problems, anything is…
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Slow PC?

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What do you do if you have a slow PC? Can you fix it or is it time for a new one? R&R discuss things to check for and a good order to try them in. The first thing you…
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How many passwords do you have? How often do you change them? R&R discuss easier ways to create more memorable and secure passwords and best practices to keep you safe. Passwords are like underwear. Change them regularly, don’t leave them…
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