Cyber Insurance You Can Trust!

ONE 2 ONE Has Partnered with FifthWall Solutions for Your Cyber Insurance Needs

Do I Need Cyber Insurance Coverage?

The short answer is yes.

Companies worldwide face cyberattacks in the form of ransomware attacks, phishing scams, embedded malware, and social engineering attacks daily.

The cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated, too. There’s a lot of business risk in the cyber world. Thankfully, someone can insure that risk.

That’s why ONE 2 ONE has partnered with FifthWall Solutions.

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Who is FifthWall Solutions?

As part of the ONE 2 ONE’s mission to empower others through education, we’d like to introduce you to our friends at FifthWall Solutions.

FifthWall is an Insurance Broker who is focused on cyber liability insurance. Part of their success is their focus on relationships with MSPs.

We’ve teamed up with FifthWall Solutions to provide you near-global access to the cyber insurance market and give you peace of mind knowing your cyber risk plan is in good hands.

What is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber risk insurance, sometimes called cyber security insurance, is a business insurance covering cyber security risks and data breaches. But if you think my general liability insurance already covers me, you’d be incorrect.

Cyber security insurance is an extra layer of protection that strengthens your general liability insurance. The two should work together to help your business stay safe.

Many business owners find that cyber insurance policies hold value when combined with general liability insurance and employee training around risk management.

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Types of Insurance Coverage

Now that you understand the business needs, you must decide on the coverage. Coverage is typically broken down into two categories: cyber liability and data breach coverage.

Cyber liability is often recommended for larger companies and is a standalone policy designed to cover first and third-party coverage. Cyber liability may cover legal services, lost income, lawsuits, and regulatory fines associated with a cyber incident.

Data breach coverage is often recommended for small businesses and is a first-party coverage. Data breach coverage helps respond to credit card number, customer information, and other sensitive information breaches from hackers or from an employee accidentally leaving their laptop at a coffee shop.

A Conversation to Prevent Cybercrime

Here’s how discussing cyber insurance with FifthWall Solutions will decrease your vulnerabilities:

Risk Assessment
Review your deployed security controls and roadmap a path to reduce cyber threats.

Policy Review
Learn how your cyber policy stacks up against current offerings.

Safeguard from Cyberattacks
Access best-in-class cyber policies through FifthWall’s 40+ carrier marketplace.


How to Reduce Business Interruption

A cyber policy goes a long way to backstop financial losses from a data breach and bring in the right teams to respond, investigate, and restore your business.

Don’t rely on technology in your day-to-day operations without coverage.

Let’s work together to evaluate and enhance your cyber risk plan!

Cyber Insurance You Can Trust

In the digital age, running a business means facing cyber risks.

Your business has sensitive data to protect. You also have to protect sensitive data entrusted between you and anyone you do business with.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a comprehensive policy to cover you on all fronts – first and third-party liability, along with cybercrime.


Your Cyber Insurance Policy

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