Dark Web Monitoring

Understanding the Why and the How

The Need for Dark Web Scanning

Dark web monitoring is emerging as a crucial element to a solid, advanced cybersecurity strategy. Unfortunately, many organizations are not aware of the dark web and its dangers. Others don’t take it seriously, thinking it can’t possibly be a threat to their organization. Don’t let your business fall victim!

What You and Your Employees Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Today’s hackers are working smarter, not harder, and they have become increasingly adept at lucrative opportunities tied to the hostage of business email. Yet many companies aren’t prioritizing security as an essential element to their business success. Take, for example, employee training. Many businesses don’t realize their employees are one of their most significant security risks.

You’ve probably heard the stories of cybercriminals dumping thumb drives loaded with malicious hacker code in employee parking lots, waiting for someone to pick one up and plug it into a work laptop. Pretty clever, right? Unfortunately, research studies have found that more than 60% of people who find a thumb drive will do just that — potentially handing over network access to an enterprising hacker.

Research finds that most breaches are not initially detected and may not be discovered until several months after the initial attack. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020, the average time to identify and contain a data breach is 280 days (approximately nine months). Often, breaches are only detected after it is discovered that compromised, sensitive information has been released or is for sale on the dark web. Does your organization have compromised information available for sale to hackers?

Do You Have Employee Credentials on the Dark Web?

When conducting a risk assessment for identification of unknown security vulnerabilities and defensive gaps, a dark web scan can help further identify risk exposure and act as an early warning to potential dark web risks. A dark web scan can also protect employee credentials. The scan can uncover any exposed employee credentials and allows you to set up ongoing monitoring so you will be notified of any future credential leaks.

There’s No Better Time to Find Out

Many organizations are shocked and surprised when they see their employees’ access information available for sale on the dark web. Whether you have a large enterprise or a small- to mid-sized business, be sure you aren’t a target!

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What to Do When Your Credentials Have Been Exposed

Running a dark web scan against an email domain can provide illuminating results. For example, one organization’s email domain scan uncovered 30 compromised emails, including the business owner’s bank account login credentials. Keep in mind, this is just one example. There have been instances where several hundred or even a few thousand compromised emails have been found.

Using a Dark Web Scan as an Early Warning Tool

Think of a dark web scan as a regular checkup with your doctor. You may feel fine, but medical tests could uncover underlying problems. A dark web scan is just like the routine tests your doctor orders. It’s one more way to understand the strength of your current cyber defense. Additional tests, like a vulnerability scan, can further identify specific areas of weakness and recommend appropriate remediation.

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