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Becky Paulukow fills the role of Integrator at ONE 2 ONE. As an integral member of the company, Becky is part of the leadership team which drives the business forward. She leads the team of department managers, executes on the company business plan, and dives into company-wide initiatives in order to streamline and create processes for the bigger picture.


Becky’s biggest professional accomplishments stem from her ability to take large scale concepts and convert them into fully functioning, procedurally based departments and ideas. Since ONE 2 ONE’s inception, Becky has been instrumental in creating foundations, whether large in scale such as the company’s operational foundation, or more focused, such as the Finance/HR department. These foundations have made it possible to expand on company goals and transition responsibilities to a growing employee base.


In her over 20-year experience, Becky has been able to learn and grow in the industry due to her love of a challenge and satisfaction in finding solutions. She thrives in efficiency and systematization, process and procedure. She values both personal and professional growth and looks to empower others in their developmental journey as well.


Lancaster is Becky’s hometown, as well as where she grew up. Becky started her career at ONE 2 ONE on a part-time basis from the day it was established, giving her the ability to both grow in the company as well as to raise her family. Having transitioned to full-time, Becky is now an invaluable team member. In her free time, Becky enjoys spending time with her husband and their four children, as well as reading, listening to music, watching movies, relaxing on the beach, and participating in outdoor activities.