You’re thinking about partnering with us, and that’s genuinely exciting! We sincerely appreciate your interest. Deciding to enhance your company’s IT environment is indeed a wise choice.

First and foremost, apart from cost, a common question from many clients concerns the duration of the onboarding process with our company. It’s an entirely valid question. Today, we guide you through the ONE 2 ONE Proven Process.

We structure a client’s onboarding into three phases: Consult, Implement, and Manage. Now, let’s examine each step in detail.

The Consult Phase

During the Consult Phase, when you express interest in ONE 2 ONE, the initial conversation starts with the NIST Self-Assessment. This essential assessment establishes consistent industry rules, guidelines, and standards. Completing it is straightforward and helps you pinpoint your company’s vulnerabilities.

Subsequently, after you finish the NIST, we’ll meticulously review the results with you and present recommendations customized to your situation. We’re not a break-and-fix MSP. Instead, we’ll provide you with a concrete action plan to address the risks highlighted by the assessment.

Considering the assessment’s identified risks and your business objectives, we’ll assist you in choosing the best service for your business. ONE 2 ONE offers fully managed or co-managed IT services.

Implementation Phase

Moving on to the Implementation Phase, in this critical period, your business edges closer to full integration. This phase includes a kickoff call, service deployment, and strategic discussions to chart a roadmap for your future business goals.

Furthermore, the welcome and kickoff will allow your team to meet your dedicated account manager and our onboarding specialists. We’ll ensure a smooth transition of teams and technology, aligning everyone and seamlessly taking over from your previous MSP.

After this initial integration, we proceed with deploying services and support, securing your IT environment, deploying tools, and providing support and training to all end users. Additionally, your account manager will collaborate with you to devise plans for future-proofing your operations.

The Manage Phase

As for the Manage Phase, your account manager will ensure that your tech aligns with your company goals. ONE 2 ONE is committed to offering solutions beyond mere break-and-fix services. This is accomplished through consistent and regular business reviews.

These reviews are structured to continuously optimize and address your business needs, creating a transparent strategy for improvements and updates, all underpinned by thorough data analysis.

We proudly call this the 5-Star IT experience. We want you to feel fully equipped to make the best IT decisions. If at any point you perceive that your experience falls short of a five-star standard, we’ll make it right!

Condensed Onboarding Process

With the Switch Kit, ONE2ONE initially collects essential information and eases the transition from your current provider to our support services.

During the Kickoff, you’ll meet the ONE2ONE account relations team, who will review your services and outline what you can expect throughout the onboarding.

Consequently, Installation involves our technicians, who will be on-site at your location(s) to document your environment, tackle any issues, and install remote support and management tools, thus initiating basic support.

In the Fix-It phase, our technicians address any outstanding issues and technical matters unearthed during the installation, clean up the environment, and conduct additional assessments.

For Documentation and Wrap-up, we complete the Onboarding binder and offer a comprehensive overview of your technology environment, preparing diagrams, photos, asset inventory, and further informative details.

Finally, in the Close-Out meeting, we’ll discuss the Onboarding binder with you, delve into long-term planning, account management, and conclude any necessary user training.

Transition to Support marks your welcome to the team! Our committed team is at your service from now on, ensuring your systems remain consistently up and running.

How Long Does It Take to Onboard?

The onboarding process can vary as we intentionally adapt it to meet each client’s unique needs. Our proven process is designed to make the entire experience educational and empowering.

If you’re eager to start with a 5-Star IT experience, please get in touch with us today!

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