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It’s that time of year again. It’s time for the Extra Give!

Suppose you’re unfamiliar with Lancaster’s Extra Give. In that case, it’s a wonderful opportunity to donate or fundraise for extraordinary organizations in Lancaster County, PA.

Learn more about the organization that runs Extra Give, and check out the clients ONE 2 ONE works with participating this year!

What is Extra Give

The Extra Give is a creation of the Lancaster County Community Foundation (LCCF). LCCF has a three-pronged approach to supporting the greater Lancaster area.

They encourage a shared future, they invest in local organizations, and they secure community legacy. These three areas all come together beautifully with the Extra Give.

Starting on November 17th, thousands of people across the community will have the opportunity to support more than 400 local organizations in the region. It’s estimated that at least half a million dollars will be distributed to organizations in Lancaster!

Key Extra Give Dates

Mark your calendars, invite your friends, and prepare to give EXTRA on November 17th!


ONE 2 ONE and Extra Give 

At ONE 2 ONE, we want to shout out the clients we work with every day who are participating in Extra Give this year.

Please consider supporting our friends. Below is a short bio, along with a link to their Extra Give page. Let’s show them some love!

Bright Side Opportunities

For almost 20 years, Bright Side Opportunities Center has been a beacon in the city, uniting us as a family driven by the mission to ignite individual passions and strengthen community bonds. We warmly welcome everyone, be it dreamy-eyed youngsters or spirited seniors, offering a diverse array of programs from STEM adventures, dedicated coding sessions for girls, exhilarating basketball leagues to holistic fitness classes.

Donate or Fundraise Here: Bright Side Opportunities Center

HDC Mid Atlantic

At the heart of it, HDC believes that the warmth of a home shouldn’t be a distant dream but a tangible embrace for all. More than just developers or managers, HDC are the storytellers of the towns they operate it, the heartbeat of our communities, and the trusted confidants to neighbors since 1971.

Donate or Fundraise Here: HDC MidAtlantic

Samaritan Center

The Samaritan Center’s mission begins and ends with people and our community.

Since 1987, the Samaritan Center has been building healthy minds and strong communities by providing mental health care services to children, adults, couples, and families with limited financial resources.

We provide outreach services to our community in three primary ways:

  • Counseling subsidies (through the Samaritan Fund)
  • Counseling Subsidies specifically for women (through the Silent Samaritan Fund)
  • TeenHope outreach program (through the Child & Adolescent Fund)

Donate or Fundraise Here: Samaritan Center

United Way of Lancaster County 

As the new President & CEO of United Way of Lancaster County, I invite you to be part of something bigger on this extraordinary day. The U in “That’s OUR Way” signifies the importance of YOU, the individual, in our mission to advance the education, economic mobility, and health & wellbeing of our community.

Donate or Fundraise Here: United Way of Lancaster County

Give Extra This Year!

Let’s show everyone just how extraordinary Lancaster is by supporting all the wonderful organizations participating. Make sure to bookmark the Extra Give website and donate on the 17th!

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