While technology may be our expertise, community is our passion. We operate under the belief that success can be best celebrated by giving back. That when people come together to improve the lives of others and solve problems, anything is possible. That’s where the Extraordinary Give makes a difference!

What is the Extraordinary Give?

Simply put, the Extraordinary Give is Lancaster County’s Largest Day of Giving. In the past five years, it has raised $22.5 million for more than 500 organizations!

How does ONE 2 ONE participate?

We’re excited to once again offer our employees a dollar for dollar match for donations contributed to the Extraordinary Give. We’re also partnering with organisations like the Lancaster City Fire Foundation and Attollo to help them raise funds!

Children Deserve a Chance Foundation/Attollo

We’d like to give special attention to the Children Deserve a Chance Foundation (aka Attollo). We believe strongly in their mission to support success-oriented youth from primarily underrepresented communities.

So much so, that we’re trying to get them over 100 $25 donations during the Extragive on November 17th. Check out what they do and how their organisation is growing and we bet you’ll want to donate too!

If you’re like us, and you believe Children Deserve a Chance, donate $25 or more on November 17th!

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