In technology, people use a lot of Acronyms. You may hear us talk about Managed Service Providers and wonder, “what are they talking about?” In today’s episode, we break down the how some companies handle I.T. problems, and how an MSP does it.

What’s the different between regular “break/fix” support and an MSP? When something goes wrong with your computer systems in a normal I.T. environment, you have to contact your support provider for a fix. They might need to schedule a time to come out and take a look at the issue, or have you bring the issue to them. But if you had an MSP managing your computer systems, things would work differently.

The MSP differece

Managed Service Providers proactively manages your systems by installing software that monitors your technical assets. This software keeps them informed of potential problems, and keeps your systems up to date with things like patching and anti-virus.

So, in the example above, the MSP may have already prevented the computer issue from occurring, or, if it did, they might already know about it. That would allow them to track and attempt to resolve the issue remotely and contact you instead of the other way around.

And, since they are monitoring your systems and collecting crucial data about them, an MSP can provide detailed reporting. Things like network use, up-time, and processing and memory utilization reports help you know when you need an upgrade and how to improve your workflow.

When you’re ready to graduate from that old “break/fix” way of managing I.T. and want a real, proactive partner, Contact ONE 2 ONE to get started.

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