Web Addresses or URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are ways to easily access different web sites and services the internet. Today we discuss what makes up web addresses and why we use them. Watch for more info:

3 Components of Web Addresses:

    1. www.somedomain.com
      The “extension” or “Top Level Domain” is the end of a web address. There are over 1000 domain extensions available to order but some are regulated by organisation type or geographical location.
    1. www.somedomain.com
      The “Second Level Domain” is the middle of a web address and is usually made up of your company or organisation name. Or just something catchy that people will remember easily.
  1. www.somedomain.com
    The “Sub Domain” is at the front of a web address and is not always required. This could be something like “www” or “mail” or “ftp” or some other name indicating a special part of your domain or website the address is pointing to. It is meant to separate different services that exist at the same web address.

You can’t buy a domain name but you can lease one for a period of time by using a company called a “Registrar”. There are a lot of different registrars out there and they register the domain name you want to use with an international nonprofit company called ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which tracks all of these leases. That’s because these web addresses need to be tied to IP Addresses and then translated using DNS.

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