VisionCorps is a nonprofit organization serving blind and vision impaired individuals in Lancaster, Lebanon, and Chester Counties. They do so through rehabilitation and employment opportunities. You probably pass their office on 244 N Queen Street and wonder what goes on inside that building.

How we learned about VisionCorps

Stacie Doan, a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at VisionCorps, is the recipient of our #one2onegives contest for September. She is passionate about her work and asks us to meet their CEO, Dennis Steiner and tour their facility. We do, and we are blown away.

It’s one thing to read a mission statement. “We provide rehabilitation and youth services, tools and training to empower blind and vision impaired individuals.” But it’s another thing to see it, feel it, and walk through the halls while it is in action. The VisionCorps Lancaster office is huge. Inside, they house an Enterprise Group focusing on employing people who are blind in manufacturing, food processing, and administrative services. More than 100 individuals in total.

Beyond rehabilitative programs, the Foundation also provides grant and scholarships to regional applicants.

visioncorps warehouse
VisionCorps is a massive operation but it is not a government agency and relies on financial support from individuals and businesses.

We are delighted to hear that donations like ours help fund a myriad of programs like their KidSight Screenings. These are free preventative vision screenings to preschool-aged children in Chester, Lancaster, and Lebanon Counties. If they detect a possible problem, they refer an eye doctor where a comprehensive eye exam can occur. KidSight screens more than 5,000 children annually.

If you want to learn more about VisionCorps, or are considering a donation, please visit their website. And don’t forget that the Extraordinary Give is coming up soon. Keep VisionCorps in mind if you’re looking for a worthy organization to donate to.

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