Lancaster Rec
Rachel Ballentine presenting $100 check to the staff at Lancaster Rec during their Christmas Party in Deceber

Lancaster Rec (The Lancaster Recreation Commission) is a non-profit partnership between the City of Lancaster, School District of Lancaster and Lancaster Township. They provide programs for kids in the form of sports teams, playgrounds, camps, child care, before and after school programs, and much more. They also offer senior programs, senior center, and fitness and wellness classes.

How we know Lancaster Rec

Our own Rachel Ballentine happens to be a board member at the Rec and truly believes in their mission. Her own children have been participating in the Rec’s before/after school programs for years. So when she had a chance to win some money for them through our #one2onegives contest, she was happy to help give back.

When I asked her to tell me a little about the Rec, she jumped at the chance.

The staff has been outstanding each year, and honestly been quite influential in my children’s lives. The mission of the Rec is to provide affordable and quality recreation and learning opportunities to those in Lancaster. They do this with a caring heart.

We’re thankful to work in a city that has so many community organisations doing good for so many people. If you’d like to win $100 for your favorite Charity or non-profit, make sure to enter our #one2onegives social charity contest each month. It’s easy, fun, and you can help give back to the people who need it most!

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