Comments in Microsoft Excel are a great way to add notation to specific cells in a spreadsheet. We’ll show you how!

Add a Comment

Open your Excel Spreadsheet and click on the cell you wish to add the comment to.  Next, you can either go up to the review tab and click the new comment button in the comments group, or you can just right click the cell and choose the Insert Comment option.  In the body of the comment, type the comment text.  Then, click outside of the comment area and you’ll now see a small colored arrow in the cell which indicates it has a comment.  Hover over the cell to read the comment.

Edit a Comment

To Edit a comment, select the cell containing the existing comment, go to the review tab and click edit comment.  Or right click and choose the edit comment option.  Now you can make edits to the text or format the comment as well.  You can change the color, font, or shape of the comment using the tools in the review tab.  Once you’re done making edits to the comment, click outside to save the changes.

Copy a Comment and Paste it to another Cell

To copy a comment to another cell, select the cell that contains the comment.  Right click and choose copy.  Next, select the cell you want to copy the comment to and right click again.  Select paste special and select the comments option.  Then click OK.

Delete a Comment

If you want to delete a comment, select the cell, go to the review tab and click delete comment.  Or right click and choose the delete comment option.

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