Have you ever had “stuck messages” on an iPhone? You try to delete an e-mail, but it says there is an error. This is typically caused by a message being deleted from the server using another location like your desktop. Today, we show you how to fix the synchronization between your iPhone and the mail server that can cause this annoying issue.

Symptoms and Causes

Your iPhone Mail App shows the notification that you have new mail, but you know you’ve read all your messages. This may be a symptom of a “stuck message.” If you open the Mail App and try to delete a message, but it gives you an error. It may be because the messages were deleted from the server and the mail app on the iPhone isn’t synchronizing correctly.

Fixing a Synchronization Issue

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Go into Accounts & Passwords
  • Tap the mail account that is having the problem
  • Turn off the Mail synchronization by sliding the switch over to off
  • Leave that off for about 30 seconds or so. This is to give the server and iPhone time to communicate.
  • Turn mail synchronization back on
    You should see the notification on the Mail App is gone. So are the troublesome “Stuck” messages.

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