RAM makes your computer run faster right? Well, in this episode, we discuss how it works and how you upgrade it in a computer.

RAM: Random Access Memory

Your computer’s memory helps it load and run applications. There’s another type of memory called Sequential Access Memory where data can only be read in order. Kind of like having to spool through a cassette tape from start to finish each time. Random Access Memory is faster and more efficient because it can access data from any location on the chip.

A case for other storage types

A good way to think about RAM is that it is like your system’s short-term memory. It’s really good at loading things fast, but once it loses power, it forgets everything it’s learned. That’s why you need to have long-term storage in your computer like hard drives. So it can hold onto your information even when you turn your computer off.

Types of Memory

There are different types of RAM like DRAM, SDRAM, and even VRAM. And there are different generations which are not really interchangeable. So it’s important to find out what type of memory your system has. And if it can support more than what is already attached to it.

To find out what type of RAM your computer has, use this free tool from our friends at Crucial.

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