Recently ONE 2 ONE underwent a major re-branding. We sat down with the good folks at Kinectiv and went through a long process of self-reflection and focus to come up with a new Logo and brand standards that would allow us to better communicate who we are, what we do, and what we believe in to the public, our clients, and even ourselves (don’t we all need to be reminded sometimes?). Today we announce the unveiling of the re-designed website as a part of that re-branding.

It’s true we’ve had the new logo on our site and floating around social media for a few months now, but the new website is much more than just a logo and our contact information, so we wanted to take a moment and highlight some of its features. What is so special about our new site?

It gives you a chance to get to know us.

Most websites talk a little bit about an organization, business, or founder, and ours is no exception. But we felt it was a good idea to also clearly outline ONE 2 ONE’s Vision and Mission statements, offer a closer look at our facility in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, highlight our various partners and set up a base of operations for our social engagement project, #one2onegives

It outlines our process.

To a lot of people the thought of talking about I.T. is not exciting.  And for some, it’s down right mysterious.

One of our goals in every interaction is to educate and demystify technology, so it only makes sense that our website would do the same by outlining our process for assessing, auditing, and supporting businesses of every size and shape.

It offers one clear destination for our clients to get help.

It’s always nice to know you only have to remember one place to go to get all your answers.  ONE 2 ONE customers have their own dedicated Client Support section on our site where they can go 24/7 to call or e-mail us, find our support hours, visit links to online help like FAQs and Live Chat options, as well as take advantage of our secure portals which allow them to create and view support tickets or view and pay invoices as well!

It gives us a voice.

ONE 2 ONE is no stranger to blogging and social media.  We’ve been doing it for years (and we have the archive to prove it).

But now you can visit our News section for commentary on all the latest technology trends, happenings in the Lancaster area, our community outreach and what’s new at ONE 2 ONE.  Would you rather us come to you instead?  We invite you to subscribe to our RSS feed in your favorite reader or sign up for our newsletter using the form in our footer below!

We made it.

Using the same process we follow to help our clients redesign and develop their websites, ONE 2 ONE re-imagined our own website into a functional, responsive hub for both existing clients and new potential partners to  learn about us, connect with us, and grow with us as we forge ahead with new initiatives, new technologies, and a desire to help the world understand and use it all to make life easier, better, and more prosperous for everyone!

We hope you like the new site, and look forward to additional improvements in the future!

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