Is this reel life? A casino in Las Vegas was hacked through their fish tank!

Unfortunately, this is a true story and is more common than you think. Cybercriminals are finding creative ways to infiltrate systems using IoT hacks.

Recently, ONE 2 ONE partnered with ConnectWise to discuss the importance of securing IoT devices. Here’s a brief look at why this is essential and how to do so.

ConnectWise Security Expert Takes the Lead

We were honored to have ConnectWise’s Jason McNew lead a webinar on the Internet of Things—all the smart devices in your office and your home connected to the Internet.

Jason is an expert with over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, including 12 years as a White House Communication Agency member!

During the webinar, Jason talked about a casino in Las Vegas that was compromised due to an IoT device in its fish tank. There are countless stories of IoT hacks like this, which impact businesses of all sizes.

A Fishy IoT Hack and Its Prevention

Jason talks about taking precautions when purchasing IoT devices. Since they’re made for convenience, security is often not even considered.

In this clip, Jason shares how a group got into a casino’s IT environment through an IoT filter in a fish tank. But more importantly, Jason shares how you and your team can prevent an IoT hack.

Check out the clip and share the tip with your team today!

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