Portable devices have been without a doubt rapidly climbing in popularity in place of traditional desktop computers. Just as quickly, finding means of streaming TV, movies, and other internet content has been on the rise. Now many tech companies are planning to take it a step further with new HDMI-based computers, that look more like a USB stick than a computer, which plug directly into your TV.

Google just recently unveiled the new Asus manufactured Chromebit. This device packs a Google Chrome-powered desktop experience into a compact HDMI dongle. Complete with a USB port, Bluetooth, and built-in WiFi, the device provides the necessities for an internet experience right on your TV. What’s more, the device is expected to be priced at a modest $100.

Taking that a step further, Intel has plans to release a new HDMI “compute stick” which will feature a full version of Windows 8.1. While ChromeOS provides a light weight internet-based environment, having the ability to run full Windows will likely appeal to many businesses or non-profits for the obvious cost benefits. These Intel-powered devices will run a mere $150.

What do you think about this new breed of devices? Will you be eager to turn your TV into a computer?

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