Domain Name Servers help make the internet easy to use. Find out how DNS are used by everyone, everyday when they connect to the internet in today’s episode of R&R:

Domain Name Servers (DNS)

DNS stands for “Domain Name System” or “Domain Name Server” and it’s really important when it comes to how the internet works. You might recall when we talked about what an IP address is. It is the unique address each computer or device has when on a network.  It ensures other devices will be able to communicate with it. That works great for machines. But would you really like to type in “” into your browser to buy something from amazon? People need an easier way to identify these addresses, so that’s why we use DNS. These servers associate a domain name (like with the IP address of the computer or server that is tied to it. That way we don’t have to remember all of those numbers.

There are different types of records that exist in DNS and they all do something slightly different. Perhaps we will dive deeper into what each record does and why they are important in a future episode of R&R!

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