There is a lot about Lancaster, PA we love. We have safe and welcoming neighborhoods. We are a city that encourages entrepreneurship and values the diversity of our residents. And we also have businesses who get involved and unite around its many causes. The Adopt-A-Block program is one of the initiatives that focuses on helping to keep our city clean.

How Adopt-A-Block works

This program relies on volunteers and organizations to show a commitment to their city. They monitor and maintain a specific street or area of the city. Then they organize a “clean up” at least 4 times a year (or as often as needed).

Participating organizations are recognized with a sign on the adopted block. They are also publicly recognized by the Mayor and City Council.

More volunteers are needed!

Currently here are a total of 84 groups volunteering. Their combined effort results in about 16% of the public city streets being monitored and cleaned of litter. More volunteers are needed to do this valuable service that benefits everyone!

For more information on the Adopt-A-Block program and to get involved visit:

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