How many passwords do you have? How often do you change them? R&R discuss easier ways to create more memorable and secure passwords and best practices to keep you safe.

Passwords are like underwear. Change them regularly, don’t leave them on your desk, and don’t loan them to anyone.

That’s a good start. But in today’s high tech world of cyber-crime and identity theft, I would recommend you do even more to keep yourself safe. It’s estimated that over 90% of people use passwords that are too weak or can be easily cracked. People usually create passwords that are too normal and too guessable. Things like a pet name, their address or birthday. All of which are pretty easy to guess or find out about someone.

Tips for creating Memorable Secure Passwords

String together 3 or 4 words that have nothing to do with each other. If you want to make it more complex, capitalize random letters in them. Or throw some special characters in between them. Just think of it like a delicious word sandwich. In fact, that could be one: deliCious!worD@sanDwich Let’s be honest… you’re going to remember that for the rest of the day now, so you know this method works!

If you’re like me you probably have at least 20 different places you need a password to get into. And it’s not a good idea to use the same password for multiple logins. Chances are even if you make 20 passwords as memorable as deliCious!worD@sanDwich you won’t recall them all or which ones go where. So I might recommend you look into a password manager to help you keep track. There are a number of websites and apps out there that can help store your passwords to keep them safe, so you’d only have to remember that 1 password to login to your password manager.

I really like They have free accounts that allows you to save 100 passwords and if you do sign up for a paid account they are very inexpensive and they have a lot of awesome features you can unlock.

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