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How many passwords do you have? How often do you change them? R&R discuss easier ways to create more memorable and secure passwords and best practices to keep you safe.

Table of Contents (Microsoft Word)

When you have a large document in Microsoft Word, a table of contents can help you maneuver through it faster. And, not only that, it’s very easy because when you are adding more information to it,...

Integrity Pools and Spas

Who doesn’t love the pool in the summer? But did you know that installing a pool is a process filled with technology? From the planning, to the construction, our friend Craig Horning from Integrity...

What is DNS?

Domain Name Servers help make the internet easy to use. Find out how DNS are used by everyone, everyday when they connect to the internet in today’s episode of R&R:

“Server,” What is it?

It’s easy to picture a computer in your mind, but what is a server? In this episode of R&R, we discuss different types of servers and what they can do.

Building Access Database

In episode 22 of R&R we discussed what a database is and why you would want to use one. In this episode we walk you through creating a database from scratch using Microsoft Access. We show how to...

Ransomware and WannaCry

You may hear about them in the media. Terms like “Ransomware” and crypto attacks like “WannaCry” and “Petya.” So, what is ransomware and why is it different than other forms of malware? Let’s talk a...

Client Appreciation – Summer Happy Hour

Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate our favorite thing! No, not the warm weather, we’re excited about our Client Appreciation Happy Hour where we celebrate the people that make our dream...

Barnstormers Partnership

R&R recently stopped in at Clipper Magazine Stadium to talk about our Barnstormers partnership.