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Even at our inception in 2001, ONE 2 ONE believed that it was our responsibility to strengthen the communities in which we live and serve. So, as soon as our company got off the ground, we introduced our charity and outreach efforts in the greater Lancaster County area, giving our time, talents, and resources to empower and educate fellow citizens and organizations.

Recently, we’ve have created the #one2onegives social engagement project. This evolving campaign features various ways ONE 2 ONE is reaching out with your help to raise awareness of local charities and non-profits who benefit our communities.

Some of our favorite organizations we support include:

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In addition to working with our favorite local charitable organizations, ONE 2 ONE also sponsors local STEM programs, bringing students from grade school through high school into our offices to teach them about technology.


Check out the Community posts, and learn about the various donations, drives, and projects we’re sponsoring, and how you can best help us serve and empower our neighbors.