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Visionary / CEO

Nick - Bio

Nick Paulukow is the founder, Visionary, and CEO of ONE 2 ONE. As such, you will find him engrossed in strategy, building relationships, and research and development. ONE 2 ONE’s culture stems from Nick’s passion to educate, empower, and serve others. His excitement and enthusiasm for fun and friendly competition is unparallel during company events and gatherings.


Nick’s enterprising spirit led him to founding ONE 2 ONE where his motivation continues to be educating clients on the use of their technology so they might realize their business goals and growth potential. Nick’s vision and ambition saw the company starting with just a few people to the growing and thriving business it is today.


Nick’s motivation stems from his desire to empower others - giving them the tools to make informed decisions and to grow their own business. He has a passion for delivering a 5 Star IT Experience through providing practical technology solutions to all clients served. Nick focuses on honesty and integrity first, delivering a personalized experience for every client, while putting the human back into technology services.


Nick initially aspired to become a police officer in the K-9 unit, but now he settles for doting on the two German Shepherds living in his home. He is an active member in his community, volunteering with both Camp Cadet and Samaritan Counseling Center. He and his wife have four children, two older boys along with a set of twins (boy and girl), who keep them busy. In his free time, Nick enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, and hiking, and enjoys going to the beach or hanging out at the lake. Nick is from, and currently lives in, Lancaster, PA.


Becky-Bio Pic



Becky Paulukow fills the role of Integrator at ONE 2 ONE. As an integral member of the company, Becky is part of the leadership team which drives the business forward. She leads the team of department managers, executes on the company business plan, and dives into company-wide initiatives in order to streamline and create processes for the bigger picture.


Becky’s biggest professional accomplishments stem from her ability to take large scale concepts and convert them into fully functioning, procedurally based departments and ideas. Since ONE 2 ONE’s inception, Becky has been instrumental in creating foundations, whether large in scale such as the company’s operational foundation, or more focused, such as the Finance/HR department. These foundations have made it possible to expand on company goals and transition responsibilities to a growing employee base.


In her over 20-year experience, Becky has been able to learn and grow in the industry due to her love of a challenge and satisfaction in finding solutions. She thrives in efficiency and systematization, process and procedure. She values both personal and professional growth and looks to empower others in their developmental journey as well.


Lancaster is Becky’s hometown, as well as where she grew up. Becky started her career at ONE 2 ONE on a part-time basis from the day it was established, giving her the ability to both grow in the company as well as to raise her family. Having transitioned to full-time, Becky is now an invaluable team member. In her free time, Becky enjoys spending time with her husband and their four children, as well as reading, listening to music, watching movies, relaxing on the beach, and participating in outdoor activities.


Manager of Account Management


Danielle - Bio

Danielle Haverstick is ONE 2 ONE’s Manager of Account Management. Danielle is responsible for nurturing client relationships, managing top tier clients, and leading the Account Management department and its processes.


Danielle finds reward in the trust earned from the clients she’s served during her tenure at ONE 2 ONE. Her ability to remain adaptable and to thrive in a fast-paced environment is what drives her while she manages client requests and keeps current on changing technology standards. Danielle’s creativity helps to bring fresh perspective and ideas to the team table when in search of solutions.  


Danielle is motivated by all varieties of growth, whether personal and professional, or in her garden, where she enjoys spending her free time. When she is not focusing on those areas, you can find her spending time with her two energetic boys who keep her on her toes. Danielle shares her home with her husband and their sweet beagle, who she says loves her the most.


Danielle attended the University of Pittsburgh, and although a city girl at heart, returned to Lebanon, PA where she grew up. She is wildly enthusiastic about college basketball (considering March Madness to be a holiday of sorts), enjoys baking and running, and loves traveling to the coast of Maine.