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Employee Spotlight: Todd Meyer

Todd Meyer


Get to Know Todd Meyer!


Todd is a Support Specialist in ONE 2 ONE's Service Department.  We asked Todd some questions, so everyone can get to know him better!


Todd went to Stroudsburg High School, followed by Millersville University.  He has 3 children and "cats, so many cats."  In fact, he has so many cats, that when asked if there was anything he collects, his response was, "Magic the Gathering, comic books, fossils, and apparently cats."  Sounds like a lot of cats, Todd.  


We asked Todd to give us a fun fact about himself that others may not know.  He worked on an archeological dig and found pieces that are on display in a museum built on the site!  How cool is that??    


Just like anyone else, Todd has some quirks, and when asked about those, he replied that he's allergic to gold and his own sweat.  So this guy doesn't sweat the small stuff!


The most adventurous thing Todd has ever done...

There were two:

Spent a week hiking national monuments in New Mexico;

Flying to London to watch the Redskins play at Wembley Stadium (that's some team dedication!) 


What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A scientist


Here are Some of Todd's Favorite Things:

Snack:   Radishes with salt

Restaurant:  Bully's in Columbia 

Place to Shop:  Amazon

Sport:  Barnstormers Baseball

Hobby:  Photography 


Next time you see Todd, be sure to say Hello!