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Employee Spotlight: Ben Salter




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Get to Know Ben Salter!


Ben is our Service Team Lead in ONE 2 ONE's Service Department.  We asked Ben some questions, so everyone can get to know him better!


Ben attended high school at Penn Manor and college at Penn State.  Ben currently lives in Holtwood and has a 9 year old daughter and three adopted sons, only one of whom, at age 17, is still at home.  


We asked Ben to tell us something quirky about himself, but Ben describes himself as an example under the definition of quirky.  We are both appreciative and accepting of both Ben and his quirks! 


Fun Fact about Ben: He loves radio controlled cars and planes.  


The most adventurous thing Ben has ever done...

Ben drove across country to California and back.  He used to be an avid off-roader and owned an off-road club during the late 90's and early 2000's, but has since sold it.  


What did you want to be when you were growing up?

An Architect 


Here are Some of Ben's Favorite Things:

Snack:   All kinds (we're with ya there, Ben!)  

Restaurant:  El Paisano food truck, but there are many others - Ben is a foodie!  

Place to Shop:  Amazon

Sport:  While Ben isn't big into sports, he does follow Penn State football (We Are!) and he used to play lacrosse and volleyball 

Hobby:  Food, cooking, smoking meat, RC cars and planes, collecting Star Wars items 


Some Samples of Ben's Smoking!















Next time you see Ben, be sure to say Hello!